Unpleasant, but fact: modern parents cannot help the child make the right career choice. The older generation uses long -outed tools for choosing professions. How to stop stepping on the same rake and pull parental mistakes from generation to generation, dooming children to unemployment?

The horizons of parents are limited by the professions of the past, and the opportunity to give a standing advice on the future profession is the mistakes of perception. What in the end? Sad statistics: 8 out of 10 children do not enter the universities and receive the wrong professions. Not wanting to the children of evil, parents systematically make the same mistakes – often the same ones that their own parents and parents of parents performed … what? Let’s figure it out, and at the same time think about how to avoid them.

Where is mother, there and a child

Error No. 1. Insist on your choice of profession for a child

It is unpleasant when our opinion is not taken into account: we want one, and we are persistently inclined to another, forcing us to accept someone else’s position as the only true. We adults do not love this very much. But at the same time, we believe that behaving so in relation to your own children is normal and even correctly. In the end, we know better, we have experience!

Example. Once I conducted a career guidance for Catherine, who, having graduated from a medical university and having worked as a doctor, realized that it was time to change the profession. Want to believe, you want not, but they often try to escape from medicine. This is in many ways the profession of soul and great desire, multiply it for great stress and responsibility – and here you have the “work of dreams”.

Catherine became a doctor at the request of her mother. And dad. And at the same time – grandparents. The fourth generation of her family was engaged in medicine, and no other profession for Katya was considered. She herself got used to this thought: she was preparing for honey, acted, began to study … and very quickly realized that “not her”. But of course, no one gave her to leave. The expectations of the family and the persistent parental “how it is“ I do not want ”, you will study, and everything will be fine” forced the girl to spend years on a profession, which was not at all to her liking.

Rotation in a narrow professional environment does not allow the child to make a choice on the basis of what he really likes

It was hard, sometimes unbearable, but Catherine was able to decide on changes soon. She came to us with a difficult “luggage”: complete disappointment in the profession and life, and at the same time with a feeling of helplessness, which was neither to mom nor dad. Is it necessary to tell how parents took her decision to stop medical practice?

The so -called “career dynasties” generally carry a significant threat. Do not understand me wrong: traditions are good, but the professional horizons of a child in such a family by adolescence are limited. It’s good if he really sees himself in the same profession as mom and dad. And if not? Then this is a direct path to dissatisfaction with life. Rotation in a narrow professional environment, which may not fit the child at all, does not allow him to make a choice on the basis of what he really likes and what he could develop and achieve success.

Similar family traditions transfer the paste to generation to generation


and ultimately lead to the fact that children are constrained by very narrow frames and restrictions, loaded with a whole heap of professional prejudices. Even before graduation, they have already been inscribed in certain schemes of behavior, training, start and continuation of careers, which have not changed for years. In a situation of quick transformation of the labor market (I am silent about the purely psychological side of the issue), children have very high chances of being unsuccessful.