Turning the extra hour from sleep in order to extend daytime joys, we actually deprive ourselves of many things in the future. And the one who gets asleep, imperceptibly receives many different bonuses for himself in addition.

Sleep improves memory

Sit late at work, once again brewing tea and devastating a jar of coffee, and reading abstracts all night long – a familiar picture? Meanwhile, a strong dream improves short -term memory, and also helps better assimilation of information the next day.

You will not grumble

Lack of sleep makes it difficult to correctly recognize and expression of emotions and provokes inadequate reactions to relatively neutral stimuli. If your homes are not eager to scribbled, send them to bed, no matter how old they are. Tomorrow will be a new day.

Sleep enhances sexuality

When you fall off your feet from fatigue, there is little chance that the coming night will be passionate. The lack of sleep is directly associated with erectile dysfunction in men and a decrease in libido in women. Therefore, follow the formula “More sleep – better sex”. In addition, she is fair, if you read it from right to left. The more sex, the better the dream!

Dream prolongs life

If a person sleeps less than 7-8 hours a day, this affects his life expectancy, and constant fatigue from lack of sleep reduces the quality of life in general, since some health problems (for example, high blood pressure) are directly related to the poor quality of sleep-namely intermittent sleep and lack of sleep.

You can withstand infections

The easiest and most effective way not to get sick is healthy habits (wash your hands!) and a good strong dream. Go to bed and strengthen your immune system.

You will become more creative

Having slept, it is easier to find a solution to the problem, and in a state between reality and sleep, known as hypnagogy, insights come. A rested brain will tell you a solution.

Weight normalize

You can model the figure not only in the gym. The most annoying fat – at the waist – accumulates in those women whose dream took place in an insufficiently darkened bedroom. In addition, a lack of sleep leads to sagging and atrophy of muscles, and those women who sit on a diet and at the same time sleeping longer, lose weight faster.

There will be less stress

Sleep and stress are directly related. Set at least a week such a regime for going to bed: immediately after 22 hours and even earlier, and do not give in to the temptation with a new series or social networks. And you will not only notice the change in your mood, but also feel that your heart rate has become calmer, and blood pressure has decreased.

You will be better to drive a car

It’s almost as dangerous to get behind the wheel of sleepy. In America alone, according to statistics, 100 thousand accidents with drivers that have fallen behind the wheel occur annually, which lead to the deaths of 1,500 people.